About Us

Since 1986, Mas Marketing has been providing quality products with fast efficient worlld wide shipping. In fact order 3 or more items and get free shipping. No RX is required to order any of our products. 

We carry a wide selection of products to help improve your life. From effective treatments that prevent excessive sweating, solutions for your pain or products to help you sleep, or prevent illness.

Our order process is very simple. We do not take credit cards, and because of that we can offer better prices because there are no credit card fees associacted with purchases.

We only take mail orders.

To place an order, browse or search through out products to find what you need, and then click on the order now button. You will be directed to our easy to use Order PDF form that you can print out. Simply enter the quantities of each product you desire, and complete the form with your name and address.

Send your order in with US International Money Order, Certified Checks, Official Checks, Treasury Checks, Cashiers Checks or Bank Drafts. When received, we ship next day. 

Note that thru the normal clearing process it usually takes 10 working days.

Please use an $1.10 stamp from the USA. DO NOT USE Courier or Priority Mail as this goes via Customs and will slow your order. 

Canadian residents please add 5% GST.

And rest assurred, we respect your privacy and We Will Not Sell Your Name